LOL web series

After hooking up with her high school teacher, Keely left for university and her problems seemed like history – but things are about to change. Set in the UK’s North West, LOL follows young & unemployed twentysomething Keely Cooper as she struggles with young adulthood.

Starring Nicola Mahoney, Bryony Seth, Joe Hughes, Andrew Sykes, Michael Lawrence, Toni Cummings, Nicola Holt, Stephen Thomas, Hannah Russell, Chris Holding, Dane Brookes, Mari-Claire Kennedy & Joanne Sartorius

Series created, written & directed by Ric Forster.

Nominated for Best International Drama, Best Editing & Best Score at Melbourne Web Fest 2016. Nominated for Best British Series at Raindance Web Fest Independent Series Awards 2014.

Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera camera in Wigan & Manchester, United Kingdom.

Music by Chris Bradstreet / Almost Always band & Audio Network.